Congressman Phil Gingrey and Senator Johnny Isakson Respond To State of the Union Address

Congressman Phil Gingrey released the following statement in response to President Obama’s State of the Union Address:

“Tonight, President Obama had the opportunity to present to Congress and millions of Americans solutions to the many challenges our country faces. He had a chance to offer bipartisan solutions to stimulate job creation, reduce the national debt, confront the ever-present threat of terrorism, and outline a plan to foster energy independence. He had the chance to become the transformative figure he once promised to be.

“Instead, we heard President Obama’s all-too-familiar campaign rhetoric. He continued to blame Republicans for his failed policies and invoked class warfare to explain record unemployment. President Obama said his focus was renewing American values yet continued resorting to the politics of division. “

“Americans are not better off today than they were three years ago. Two million more Americans are out of work, nearly 46 million Americans rely on food stamps, and our nation’s debt has more than doubled. It is high time for President Obama to work with us on solving our unacceptable economic crisis rather than playing the blame game. This is the time for problem-solving, not campaigning—there is simply too much at stake to continue the status quo. “

U.S. Senator Johnny Isakson has also issued a response following President Obama’s State of the Union address:

“Real ‘fairness’ would be government doing what American families have had to do: sit around the kitchen table, prioritize spending, get their spending in line and not borrow too much money.“

“When it comes to taxation, we need a comprehensive approach. The president’s own commission, Simpson-Bowles, recommended that we do away with many of the current tax expenditures and tax deductions, lower the tax rate on our taxpayers and produce more income. That will bring capital off the sidelines and investment back to small business. We need a comprehensive approach, not a winners and losers approach to tax reform.“

“Additionally, if on the one hand, you speak of more jobs for Americans and energy security, and on the other hand, you reject 20,000 jobs, which the Keystone XL pipeline would have brought about, and 70,000 barrels of crude from Canada, one of our best friends, then you are saying one thing and doing something else—that’s wrong for our country. We need leadership on energy security.”

Senator Saxby Chambliss has not issued a response at this time.

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